Carta Europea de Turismo Sostenible. Parque Nacional de Garajonay e Isla de La Gomera

In the year 2005, The National Park Garajonay, together with the Insular Association of Rural Development of La Gomera (AIDER La Gomera), took the decision to promote the implantation of the European Charter European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in La Gomera. Thus it was putting the Charter at the disposal of the island as a tool to promote the sustainable tourism.

When the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism began his official career in La Gomera in 2008, the expectation of all participants and stakeholders was high, diverse, challenging and uncertain.

The preparation of the Dossier of Candidacy (2006-2007) allowed us to perform a broad participatory process, which included several hundred people, becoming itself in an unusual event.

In addition, the requirements for collaboration, coordination and cooperation that had to be applied to push through these five years of accreditation, gave it a particular novelty character.

After the first five years (2008-2012), all actors and entities involved have reviewed the course of events, the meaning of the Charter for the Island and the Park, the usefulness and application of this tool work in such a unique space as La Gomera, as well as the achievements and future goals.

The unanimous conclusion was the need to initiate a process of renewal of the Charter for a further period of five years (2013-2017).

All actors and entities involved in the development of sustainable tourism in La Gomera have participated intensively in this work-process including evaluation of all the previous period, the definition and validation of the objectives and working lines for the next period, and the joint development of both a new Strategy and an Action Plan for Sustainable Tourism for 2013-2017.

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